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Jun 15, 2012

2012 Deep Research Report on China Urban Heating Industry

2012 Deep Research Report on China Urban Heating Industry> was professional and depth research report on China Urban Heating industry. This report has firstly introduced Urban Heating definition classification industry chain etc relation information. Then introduced Urban Heating technology and industry development status, And then introduced Urban Heating applications and related market demand market supply and market development analysis. And also introduced Urban Heating related policies development status sub-industries and related market analysis. introduce China key Urban Heating regional market and key suppliers analysis. Finally, the report also introduced Urban Heating industry investment environment and related investment risks analysis. In a word, it was a depth research report on China Urban Heating industry. 

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Report Details:
Published: June 2012
No. of Pages: 254
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     Table of Contents
Chapter One Urban Heating Industry Overview 11.1 Definition and Classification of Urban Heating Industry 1
1.2 Characteristics of Urban Heating Industry 2
1.2.1 Urban Heating Product and Services 2
1.2.2 Urban Heating Pipe Network 2
1.2.3 Seasonal Characteristics of Urban Heating 2
1.3 Urban Heating Industry Position in China Economy 3
Chapter Two 2011 China Urban Heating Industry Operating Environment Analysis 3
Chapter Three Comparative analysis of Urban Heating Industry Heating Mode in 2011 413.1 China Heating Mode 41
3.1.1 Central Heating mode 41
3.1.2 Decentralized Heating mode 43
3.2 Comparison of Heating Modes 44
3.2.1 Heating energy consumption indicators 44
3.2.2 Pollutant emission indicators 44
3.2.3 Economic indicators 45
Chapter Four Analysis of New Trend of China's Reform of Urban Heating Industry in 2011 47
Chapter Five Development Analysis of Urban Heating Industry in 2011 655.1 2011 Urban Heating Industry Scale Analysis 65
5.2 Supply analysis and forecast of Urban Heating Industry, 2011 66
5.2.1 Analysis of total supply and Growth Rate 66
5.2.2 Changes Analysis of Urban Heating Structure 67
5.2.3 Urban Heating Supply Forecasting 67
5.3 Demand analysis and forecasting of Urban Heating Industry 71
5.3.1 Analysis of total demand and Growth rate 71
5.3.2 Changes Analysis of Urban Heating Demand Structure 72
5.3.3 Urban Heating Demand forecast 73
5.4 Analysis of supply and demand balance and price of Urban Heating Industry 73
5.4.1 Analysis and forecast of balance between supply and demand 73
5.4.2 Analysis and forecast of Heating price changes 74
5.5 Analysis of Urban Heating Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Situation 79
Chapter Six Monitoring and Analysis of China Heat Production and Supply, 2007-2011 100
Chapter Seven Analysis of developments of Urban Heating Industry Sub-sectors 107
Chapter Eight China Urban Heating Industry key Areas Market Analysis 119
Chapter Nine Urban Heating Industry Competition Analysis 1939.1 2011 Analysis and Forecast of Urban Heating Industry Concentration 193
9.2 2011 Urban Heating Industry Entry and Exit Barriers Analysis 194
9.3 2011 Urban Heating Industry Competitive Structure Analysis 196
9.3.1 Porter's Five Forces Analysis 196
9.3.2 Summary of Urban Heating Industry Current Competitive Features 198
9.4 2011 Urban Heating Industry Life Cycle Analysis 199
Chater Ten China Key Urban Heating Enterprises Analysis 199
Chapter Eleven Urban Heating Industry Chain Analysis 22511.1 Introduction of Industry Chain of Urban Heating 225
11.2 Analysis of Coal Industry, 2011-2012 225
11.2.1 Characteristics and Development Trend of Coal Industry 225
11.2.2 Coal Industry Price Situation and Future Trend 227
11.3 Impact analysis of Coal on Urban Heating Industry 229
Chapter Twelve China Coal Industry Operating Analysis 23012.1 China Coal Supply and Demand Analysis 230
12.1.1 2011 Coal supply and demand analysis 230
12.1.2 Merger of planned coal and market coal 231
12.1.3 China Future Coal Supply Forecast 232
12.2 Operation status of coal Industry in 2011 233
12.2.1 Analysis of operating conditions of coal Industry 233
12.2.2 price of coal Industry 235
12.3 Development Prospect of China's coal Industry, 2012-2016 236
Chapter Thirteen 2012-2016 China Urban Heating Industry Forecast and Investment Strategies Analysis 23713.1 Analysis and Forecast of China City Heating Industry, 2012-2016 237
13.1.1 Broad prospects of urban low-temperature nuclear Heating 237
13.1.2 Prospects for development of city electricity Heating center 238
13.1.3 Prospects for development of central Heating technology progress 241
13.1.4 China's Urban Heating Industry Investment risk warning 244
Chapter Fourteen Risks and Prevention strategies of 2012-2016 China Urban Heating Industry 24814.1 Risk of macroeconomic volatility 248
14.2 Policy Risks 249
14.3 Technology Risk 251
14.4 Supply and Demand Risk 251
14.5 Relevant Industry Risk 252
14.6 Risk of Default of Heat Fee 253
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